PhD and MSc Studentships

Materials Engineering: Fully-funded EPSRC DTP and Johnson Matthey PhD Scholarship:

Atomic imaging of nanoparticle catalysts during operation (RS144)

closing date, 26th August 2022

Fully Funded (EPSRC and RADON Grant) PhD Scholarship: 

Equilibrium, metastability and Universal dynamics of the atomic Structures of size-selected nanoclusters under irradiation (EQUUS): A fundamental platform for scale-up of green nanoparticle production

closing date, 20th July 2022

Fully Funded (EPSRC) PhD Scholarship:

Single synapse measurements in neuromorphic percolating nanoparticle networks

closing date, 20th July 2022

Fully Funded (M2A and Grove Nanomaterials) MSc by Research Scholarship:

closing date, as soon as possible